The World’s First Decentralised Peer-to-Peer Compute Network!

At ComputeNetwork, we’re on a journey to redefine how computing power is accessed and shared across the globe. Our platform bridges the gap, ensuring everyone from startups to large enterprises gets the computational resources they need, precisely when they need them.

Our Mission

We believe in a world where computing power is not a barrier but a bridge to innovation, research, and growth. ComputeNetwork stands for equal access to technology, empowering every project, no matter its size, with the power to achieve and innovate.

Our solution:

Serverless Computing at Its Core
Unmatched Scalability
Global Reach for Optimal Performance

Competitors in the field

ComputeNetwork is the first platform to provide a general purpose B2B market of decentralised user-owned compute resources, providing the largest general-purpose compute resource network on the planet along with passive income opportunity for billions of people around the world.

4B $ VAL
5B $ VAL
100M $ VAL

Why Compute Network?

Our platform cuts out the need to manage servers and infrastructure, simplifying the tech side of things. Clients can focus entirely on their coding and applications, eliminating the worries about backend concerns, scalability issues and infrastructure.

Developed to support a user base in the millions. Regardless of your business size, be it a startup or a large corporation, our network dynamically adapts to your demands, maintaining smooth performance even under heavy load.

Forget about renting or buying fully fledged servers, CPUs or GPUs that are only utilized on average less than 10% of the time! Our clients only pay for what they use, resulting in up to 95% less cost to run and maintain the same workloads.

Utilizing Idle Computing Resources: We leverage underused CPUs and GPUs globally, creating an extensive, distributed computing network. This strategy efficiently utilizes existing resources while also helping to create a more eco-friendly computing landscape.

Reinventing Computation

Competitive Comparison
Compute Network’s pay-per-use model vs server renting


- Renting: High. Either your rented server is underutilized and you overpaid for it, or it is fully utilized and you experience scalability issues.

- Compute Network: Minimal. Using Compute Network’s innovative pay-per-use model, you only pay exactly for what you use. This infrastructure-less model also lends itself incredibly well to scaling on the fly to millions of users.


- Renting: Difficult. Customers must manage servers, infrastructure, storage, etc., and redistribute load and resources when up- or downscaling.

- Compute Network: Easy. Everything takes place in the background using our algorithms. You simply deploy the code, and we take care of scaling up or down all necessary resources.

Ease of Use

- Renting: Very hard. Either your rented server is underutilized and you overpaid for it, or it is fully utilized and you experience scalability issues.

- Compute Network: Extremely easy. Simply upload your code and forget about infrastructure!


- Renting: No. Servers are energy inefficient and more often than not underutilized, which decreases efficiency, wastes energy, and increases e-waste.

- Compute Network: Yes. Thanks to our infrastructure-less model, multiple customers can execute code on isolated and efficient virtual environments over a single server. This increases efficiency, reduces e-waste, and minimizes the drawbacks of underutilized electronics.

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